Friday, January 2, 2015

My Super Budget-Friendly 2015 Planner

Today is Saturday and I've got nothing much to do so me and hubby decided to check out stores that are on sale. FYI, we don't have malls or even big shops here in our place, we only have like "tiangge" and some Taiwanese or Korean store (not bad though). We dropped by at Novo Store and yep they're on sale at 50% off! The first thing that came to my mind is to find a planner and lucky me I found it and wow! it only cost 95 pesos!! This is how the planner looks like (i also bought a matchy pen and highlighter :) )

And here's whats inside:

I like it a lot and you really can't tell its only 95 pesos hehe.. the important thing is that I can write down important things on it, I want everything organized so I really need one. 

I am very excited to use this. Looking forward for a fruitful year and I belive that this year will be a productive one with my budget-friendly 2015 Planner.

I am writing this blog using the Blogger App on my iphone :) looks like its very convenient for me.. 

HELLO 2015!!

Happy New Year!!!

Welcome to my revised blog, yey! One of my new years resolution is to create a blog and since I have this old blog since 2009, I decided to just revised this. I actually changed the title and stuff. :)
Anyways, I just wanted to share with you guys anything that is informative and thought of sharing to you my ideas and all stuff about me.

Recently I am kinda crazy about make up and been watching tutorials on youtube and digging make up brands. I will be sharing my thoughts about it or maybe making a review on make ups that I will be purchasing soon and also the ones that I already have.

I will also be sharing my recipes here since I also love to cook just about anything. My mom was actually very surprised when she found out and tasted my Carbonara..yes! she liked it. I also have my dessert specialties and will be sharing all that.

Lastly, expect a lot of tips on how to be a successful Freelancer and to all moms out there who wants to work at home, this blog is for you! :)

Wishing everyone a Blissfull 2015 and may we all have a fruitful and happy year ahead!


Monday, December 14, 2009

To All the Jobless Moms

Hiya all mommies!! I know there are a lot of moms out there who are jobless and the so called "housewives". I should say I am a housewife too but not just a plain one because I worked 8 hours or more in front of my computer. Nowadays, working online is no longer a new thing. I have been working online as a freelancer for almost three years now and I can say that this has helped me a lot, not just me but to my family.

When I just started working at home, many people can not understand what Im doing. They don't get the idea at all or can't believe that there is a real income I can get from working on the net. I remember during that time, only my husband believes in what I do. He supports me and encourages me as well. Some of my relatives even thinking that I was just wasting my time and chatting to my friends.

There are actually a lot of work available online. It does take a lot of searching to do just like me when I was just starting. I did stumble to a lot of websites and fortunately I found help from forums and blogs on many ideas about home based jobs. Until now, I am still busy with my work as a freelancer. I learned to love what I do and I hope I can also help those moms who want to be like me too. :))